Biannually, the Edgefield Public Library in downtown Edgefield hosts “Open Mic Night” This extraordinary event gives people of all ages an opportunity to showcase their talent in front of the local townsfolk. Anyone is encouraged to sing, rap, dance, recite poetry, read, or play an instrument. The possibilities are endless, with no shortage of performances at this most recent turnout.

It just so happens that several Strom Thurmond High School students showed up both to watch and to perform on Thursday October 4.  Their English teachers offered an incentive their students could not refuse. Veteran English teacher, Lalla Boatwright, reported, “This gave my students an opportunity to gain confidence in a public venue and show off their skills.” According to the South Carolina Department of Education standards for high school English, students should be able to “communicate using style, language, and nonverbal cues appropriate to task, purpose, and audience.”  Mrs. Mary Bates, another English instructor noted, “It’s refreshing to see your students in a new light, to appreciate them outside of the classroom.”

A quartet of musicians, Darnell Lambert, Levi Taylor, Anthony Scott and Braeden Sides played, “Tastes Like Chicken” on three saxes and a trumpet. Kanye Waldo, a freshman, played “This Train” on his trumpet.  Jaycee Bass, a freshman, played “Rewrite the Stars” on the keyboard.  Bryston Kulp, another freshman recited the poem “When I Say I Am a Christian” by Carol Wimmer. An original poem titled “Carefree,” was written and recited by freshman Cory Wood. A short musical piece composed and performed by Thomas Rhodes, was also played on the keyboard.  Stand-up comedian, Josh Coursey, junior, joked about his school and work experiences while Taylor Brown and Lindsey Mullins sang the Marine’s Hymn in memory of Taylor’s  grandfather.

If all you need is an audience to try out your talent, the next Open Mic Night at the Edgefield Public Library will be in April. Practice makes perfect!


Picture: STHS Talent during Open Mic Night

Pictured form top to bottom and left to right: The Quartet: Darnell Lambert, Levi Taylor, Anthony Scott and Braeden Sides. Brantson Kulp recites a poem and Jaycie Bass plays keyboard as Thomas Rhodes waits his turn.