Fox Creek High School annually hosts the Edgefield County Championships. This year it was held Tuesday, September 4, and once again, the cross country course proved in rigorous in the 90 plus degree heat.  Strom Thurmond’s Chase Beagles, a junior, took the lead from Briggs Williams of Wardlaw Academy around the two mile mark to become the Edgefield County Champion with a time of 20:58.  Williams finished second, while last year’s county champ, Kenneth Miller of Fox Creek, finished third. Fourth and fifth places were earned by Garrett Elkins, an STHS senior and James Creasy, an STHS freshman, consecutively.  Our Strom Thurmond High School Rebels proudly took home the Ten Governor’s Cup trophy. This made it the first time Fox Creek has not won the title.  On the girls’ side, notable Thurmond runner, Graycen Sanders, a freshman, repeated as county champion with a time of 23:36. Third place STHS girls’ went to Silvia Huston and fourth, Carolina Pettigrew, both from JET.  The Thurmond girls persevered to win the team championship. Congratulations to STHS Cross Country in this enthusiastic feat!

Earlier in the season, Strom Thurmond hosted its first cross country scrimmage in a relay format. Each school invited to the meet created teams of three runners each.  After completing a 1.5 mile lap through the nature trail that winds around STHS and JET middle school property, the next runner on a team repeated that loop, until the third runner of each team completed the circuit. Strom Thurmond had the winning team that included Graceyn Sanders, Chase Beagles and Garrett Elkins.  Coach Tommy Behr explained that this was a one of a kind event.  “This introduced the runners to the sport at a relaxed distance as well as offered an opportunity for contestants to compete in a coed competition.”

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The STHS Cross Country Team assembled for a photo after winning the 3rd annual Ten Governors Cup Race held at Fox Creek High School. Left to right back row are:

Ella Stone, Merissa MacDonald, Carolina Pettigrew, Silvia Huston, Javier Ceballos Mateo, Johnathan Kemp, Robert Reeder, Jesse Elkins, Christian Hillary. Front row: Anna Caddell, Xenia Somerville and Graycen Sanders holding the girls’ first place trophy, Garrett Elkins holding the Ten Governors’ trophy, James Creasy, Ephraim Somerville and Chase Beagles.