“I can move while I’m working, and that helps me concentrate,” remarked one Strom Thurmond High School student who used a Wobble Chair during class when completing individual work. STHS special education teacher Andrea Mann equipped her classroom with five Wobble Chairs and one standing desk through a 2016–2017 educational grant distributed by The Foundation for Public Schools in Edgefield County.

Mann explained that many students with attention deficient disorder or who exhibit similar behaviors benefit from controlled sensory stimulation in the classroom. The Wobble Chair allows students to subtly move and shift in their seats without distracting other students. As the students move in a non-distracting manner, they find they are better able to focus and apply themselves to learning tasks. Mann has made the chairs and standing desk available to her own students as well as STHS general education teachers, who often have students who can benefit from integrated sensory stimulation.

Mann reported that one student who used the Wobble Chair wrote, “Because I’m moving around in the chair, I don’t focus on unnecessary things.” The Foundation for Public Schools in Edgefield County is working with innovative teachers to enhance learning in our community.

STHS students Destiny Brown and David Dickau take the Wobble Chair for a test ride.