In a highly competitive race at Augusta Prep in Augusta, Saturday, September 20, 2018, the Strom Thurmond High School Cross Country Boys took 2nd overall. Both boys and girls teams ran in the JV (junior varsity) category. Coach Tommy Behr decided our young teams should run this division to give them the opportunity to succeed as well as reap the experience of running a race with tougher competition.

JV Girls took 1st place overall.  Leading the way for the Rebel Runners was junior Chase Beagles–3rd place overall–and Graycen Sanders, freshman, 1st place overall. Our girls individually placed an impressive 1, 2, 3 and 5 overall. Second place went to Carolina Pettigrew, just edging out her classmate, Silvia Huston’s third place finish. Fifth place went to Ella Stone, freshman. This is a MAJOR improvement and accomplishment for our runners as we continue to grow and improve. Coach Behr stated, “I am exceptionally pleased with the progress of our runners!” Congratulations Rebels!

STHS Boy and Girls Place in Augusta Prep’s Cross Country Invitational

Back Row, Left to Right: STHS Cross Country team poses for a team shot:

Jesse Elkins, Christian Hillary, Johnathan Kemp, Javier Ceballos Mateo, Lasavion Johnson. Front Row, left to right: Robert Reeder, Carolina Pettigrew, Xenia Somerville, Anna Caddell, Silvia Huston, Haley Harris, Ella Stone, Merissa MacDonald, Graycen Sanders, Ephraim Somerville, James Creasy and Garrett Elkins. Missing from photo is 3rd place winner, Chase Beagles. The starter gun launches the 5K race with Chase Beagles in the lead for STHS with Jesse and Garrett Elkins close behind. Graycen Sanders “kicks it” for the last few yards crossing the finish line.