Do any of the citizens of the United States know when Constitution Day is or that there is even a day to recognize our constitution? Well, it is actually a federal law that any school receiving federal funding must recognize Constitution Day, so Mrs. Libba Ingram’s Government classes at Strom Thurmond High School did their part! They created posters/signs to display around the school commemorating September 17th as Constitution Day.  It was integrated into the regular classroom instruction since the Constitution is the focal point of Government.

Ms. Ingram received an email the U.S. Department of Education reminding educators of this annual event.  The day is intended to prompt any federally funded educational institution to conduct an event of one’s own design that celebrates the signing of the U.S. Constitution which occurred in 1787. Events or programming can be designed as educators see fit to best emphasize this momentous event with their students. A free Constitution Day Pocket Book or a Constitution Day tool kit was offered via a website, that was chock full of ideas and activities that appeal to students of all ages. View this website to see other posters created by students across the United States.

Mr. Ingram’s students created posters and affixed them to the walls of all the hallways, especially in the commons area.  This really made quite the eye-catching display. Overall, the project’s purpose helped our students’ basic skills for listening, speaking, writing, reading, problem analysis, as well as many other attributes including citizenship and awareness of their Constitution being applicable to their daily lives.  Chelsea Harsey admitted, “This was a great diversion from the normal classroom assignment.” Haylie Baxter added, “I just wished we had more time to put additional details in our work.”

For more information, read the Federal Register establishing Constitution Day at



STHS Celebrating Constitution Day, September 17, 2018

The creators of these Constitution Day illustrations stand pleased in front of their works after their Government teacher, Libba Ingram, gave them class time to learn about and design posters concerning this event. From left to right: Arissa Holden, Rebekah Israel, Randy West, Chasity Gilchrist, Chelsea Harsey and Haylie Baxter. Missing from picture are David Mason and Rodney Mathis.