The STHS Media Center just received two collaborative work stations for student use.  Envision five feet long tables with five rolling chairs. At on end is a forty inch computer monitor that connects with an electronic device.  The intent is to create a collaborative environment that spontaneously changes separate ideas into team-based solutions.

The students were given the assignment in the form of a story-telling “contest.” The class formed three groups with each group being responsible for summarizing one of Chaucer’s character’s tales that had not been reviewed in their text book. Abby Bowser, a junior noted, “Our work went so much faster than usual. Typically, this assignment is done with one person with the Chromebook taking our ideas and putting them on a PowerPoint. With the collaboration tables we could all do our own slide on the same presentation at the same time.”  Mr. Chaucer would be so impressed!

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Students at STHS actively cooperating on the Canterbury Tales project using the new collaborative work centers. From top, left to right: Ariel Meriwether, Kadeisha Jerry, Jolie Daniel, Abby Bowser-pointing and facing camera is Jenna Hall. Top right is Eric Rodgers, Gabe Grucela, Alex Perry, Ethan Padgett and Will Clark. Bottom left: Taylor Driggers, Chelsea Glover and Ashley Mims.  Bottom right is Rhett Jolly, Andrew Trull and Allyson Newsome.